Acoustic ceiling and partition solutions manufacturer Rockfon wants to inform and engage its fitters as much as possible. Hooking up with D’M&S, the company stepped up its B2B communication, launching an engagement platform and a supporting communication campaign to the French market, and beyond.

Concept with a creative twist

The innovative high-quality Rockfon products help fitters deliver fantastic work. In fact, they are the real heros of Rockfon. The true strength of the brand. Just the inspiration our creative teams needed to come up with a concept that enhances the brand engagement amongst Rockfon's professional target groups even more. Here's the Superpro!

Storytelling with the Rockfon Superpro

We rolled out the Superpro concept in stills and videos. We shot a fitter in his role as hero and produced two videos, each from a different perspective. In the mood video, we see him as a Rockfon Superpro, the hero of the day, to win him or her over for the concept - and to convince him to discover the perks of the Superpro engagement platform.

In the other video we explain visually what the fitter has to do to become a Rockfon Superpro, taking the fitter through the various steps on the online platform. We also developed a clutch of online tools to support the Rockfon sales team, including a stylish sales organiser.

Online engagement platform

Our digital experts developed the engine driving Rockfon Superpro: a smart engagement platform designed to increase the brand engagement in the professional target group. On the platform, Rockfon gives fitters access to relevant content, such as blog posts, news articles, product information and tips and tricks, to help them provide the best possible service.