With convenience and speed in mind, architects, engineering offices and other decision makers want to have up-to-date building material specs and data at their elbow. ROCKWOOL Core Solutions delivers with the BIM library, an online tool that unlocks all the gen on their sandwich panels with stone wool insulation with a single tap or click.

A handle on sandwich panels

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been a construction industry staple for a long time. It helps the parties involved in a project share information efficiently and build an up-to-date 3D model of a building. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page with regard to materials and quantities at all times. That keeps the process moving along and the budget fully under control.

A single BIM data library

The insulation specialists at ROCKWOOL Core Solutions market a range of sandwich panels built around a stone-wool core that are popular and much-used in construction projects. The folks there consolidated all panel-related data in a new BIM library to promote their range and ensure it was fully BIM-compliant. Now finding the right sandwich panel and importing the data in a BIM model is a cinch.

On point 3D concept

So how do you spread the news about the new BIM library among professional builders? For ROCKWOOL Core Solutions we devised a visually attractive concept with a clear message. An eye-catching 3D cursor and pointer cut out of a sandwich panel point up to decision makers that they can now access full product data on these panels with a tap or a click. BIM-BAM-BOSH – that’s what we call convenience.

Soft landing

the page was to get visitors quickly up to speed on BIM (by means of copy and a video) and pilot them to the BIM library. The page has now been seamlessly incorporated into the ROCKWOOL Core Solutions website in three languages – French, German and Italian – with a view to an online marketing campaign in the relevant countries.

Video with BIMpact

To boost its impact and give visitors full information about how to get the most out of the BIM library, we created an explanatory video for the landing page. Whatever it takes to communicate effectively and drive up the conversion rate (that is library visits).

International online marketing

ROCKWOOL Core Solutions has initially launched its BIM library in three territories – France, Germany and Italy. With that in mind, for the promotional campaign our digital marketers created Google display banners and LinkedIn posts in French, German and Italian alongside the standard English versions. Each ad is a gateway to the landing page in the corresponding language. Targeted communication!

One last thing

For the launch post we cut a shorter post-friendly version of the landing page video to attract eyeballs on social media.