When commissioned to present a complex message to professional audiences across the globe in a clear way We quickly hit upon the right approach. A striking visual, strong digital content and B2B niche targeting put the latest Johnson Controls EasyIO energy management system front and centre.

Concept visual with potential

International technology company Johnson Controls is an industry leader. It develops intelligent solutions to create safe and comfortable energy-efficient environments for living, working, learning and playing. One such solution is EasyIO, an intelligent energy management system that helps facility managers, building managers and owners to realise the full potential of their office premises, hotels, shopping complexes, schools, rest and care homes.

The system takes care of everything, which means that the target audiences can spend more of their time and energy on other matters. We brought them up to speed with a clever visual concept that gets the message across instantly to a diverse international audience. Clear visual communication is intuitiveness at its best. Easy to understand for customers and prospects in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Digital campaign in nine languages

We constantly promote the EasyIO ‘Why not use the full potential of your building’ message with the image of the brain with Google Ads and LinkedIn posts to the target audiences in nine languages. Our content creators produced a raft of posts with a different landing page for each group. Aa a result, each group of professionals feels they are being spoken to directly and they know exactly what EasyIO offers where they are.

Lead generation

The results? Who reads the posts and how many visitors click through to the landing page? We assess that in periodical report meetings with Johnson Controls teams around the globe. Giving us the input we need to optimise the campaigns to ensure we win over the (hearts and) minds of the greatest number of leads.