A strong uniform brand identity enhances your pulling power across all borders. But how does a company with a global presence get everyone in every country singing from the same hymn sheet to ensure the carefully constructed brand image is presented consistently? The experience of UNILIN Insulation is an enlightening example.

Logo Unilin Insulation

New brand mission

UNILIN Insulation, part of the UNILIN Group, wanted to tighten its bonds with customers and raise its profile as a reliable partner with a full range of forward-looking insulation products. The folks at UNILIN Insulation are bent on developing smart solutions that make people’s homes more comfortable and improve their quality of life.

That corporate brand mission is clearly expressed in its new tagline: ‘UNILIN Insulation for smart living’. A positive, attractive and unambiguous promise. A good start.

Stronger brand identity

UNILIN Insulation also commissioned a brand identity upgrade to add power to its mission. The logo was given a makeover and the brand range was simplified considerably. Ecôon, Rexotoit, Safe-R, Unipre and all the other brands are making way for three brands covering every insulation need: Utherm, Usafe and Usystem.

Design and brand guidelines

The big challenge was persuading all employees of a top-two producer of PIR insulation boards in Europe, in every country in which UNILIN Insulation is active, to consistently adopt the design and brand guidelines. Everyone had to follow the same rules and present the brand in the same way. That is key to making the right impression.

Inhouse campaign

Simply publishing the new design and brand guidelines online would not cut it however. We designed an inhouse campaign, including a leaflet and posters, presenting the employees in the role of brand ambassadors.