Würth is the German assembly and attachment materials specialist for professional builders that sells its range online and offline. We highlighted sales in brick-and-mortar stores with a striking campaign.

Online and offline experience

The combination of online and offline sales has proven to be a smash-hit for Würth. Customers can shop online 24/7 or visit a network of 29 brick-and-mortar stores in Belgium and Luxembourg. We have already made a video to highlight the advantages of the online store. Now it was time to activate visitors to the brick-and-mortar stores.

From print to socials

Our designers got straight to work with the stills and moving footage, creating adverts for regional trade magazines, short-form videos for social media and more. We supplied all visuals and copy ready to go. So what did the employees think? They were delighted to be able to advertise their specific store. That is very clear from the photos and videos, as each of them exudes infectious enthusiasm and no little pride. Fully engaged.