After having previously given the Arco house style a makeover, this time we took it up a notch. We designed a visual concept with wow factor and put it to work on a cool website and corporate movie.

Cool and creative concept

Refrigeration technology experts Arco stop at nothing to get the job done. How ever challenging and complicated the needs of the customer. Bring it on, say the folks at Arco. We created the perfect visual for that solution-oriented approach: a Rubik’s cube® made from... ice. We used this arresting concept to engage the attention of visitors on the new website. And it was also the centrepiece in the eye-catching corporate film.

Storytelling in a corporate film, from storyboard to post-production by our VideoComm division.

Video storytelling

The corporate film we produced for Arco is not your run-of-the-mill presentation. We tell the story behind the cube of ice and parade the refrigeration specialist’s hands-on mindset. One thing’s clear: the folks at Arco will stop at naught to achieve the perfect solution. We created a compelling story to turn future customers and co-workers on to the Arco experience.

Corporate film with cinema effect

The Arco film scenario reads like a Hollywood tale. Viewers enter a fictive world where refrigeration is a long way off. The only hope is the ingenuity of the folks at Arco. We storyboarded the film frame by frame before heading off on location to bring it all to life. It was very important to create the right feel. Actors, props, lighting, photography, camera lenses, music, post-production... We went all out for a cinema effect.


Much more than an online business card

The corporate film has been given a prominent place on the website, which forms the perfect setting. It’s a visual tour-de-force that grabs your attention from the off.

The logical structure makes the website a pleasure to navigate. It’s so much more than a simple online business card.