GROHE introduces a new form of toilet hygiene with the Sensia Arena shower toilet. We ensure the message was heard loud and clear with a stylish cross-media campaign to inspire and convert professionals and consumers.

Creating brand awareness

GROHE’s Sensia Arena shower toilet is a high-end product. Innovative technology and award-winning design. To raise the brand’s profile, GROHE targeted a national campaign to tell fitters, architects and consumers about the next-level of cleanliness offered by the system.

GROHE’s own sales people and the stores also needed to be informed, given that the whole purpose of the campaign, which was given an exclusive look and feel, was to entice interested visitors into showrooms.

Driving conversion online

To generate traffic we focused on online marketing. The job of display advertising was to get people to click through to an informative landing page (, designed by us with special attention for usability. We incorporated various calls to action (CATs) and gave the content a clear structure to increase the probability of conversion.

The goal was to direct visitors to the dealer location on the GROHE website. They were also forwarded to the same page when clicking on the remarketing banners. The conversion-generating online marketing strategy was boosted with Facebook posts and remarketing, targeted adds on the social media platform for those who had shown an interest in GROHE Sensia Arena in the past.

More than print advertising

While informing and teasing online consumers with the goal of enticing them to the stores, offline we opted for booklet advertising in Weekend Black, the luxury edition of Knack Weekend magazine, and Le Vif. We designed a stylish ad featuring a booklet presenting the Sensia Arena shower toilet in full.

This generated curiosity about the innovative system among the right target group and referred them to the store so they could find out more. We had something special waiting for them there.

Campaign drives traffic

Anyone who bought a GROHE Sensia Arena in store also walked away with a complete pack of accessories. This attractive promotion was announced on all communication tools, online and offline, and clearly gave people an incentive to visit their nearest GROHE dealer.

Inspiring sales & professionals

We developed additional tools to turn sales staff and dealers onto Sensia Arena. The sales team were given a sales brochure with more information about the campaign. For stores we created a toilet brush sticker and poster to highlight the promotion in particular. And fitters?

We designed a poster depicting a shower toilet for the Truck Tour, a mobile event of the industry insiders, encouraging them to buy one for their own personal use at a special price. Another sensational promotion was announced in stores with a tear-off notepad to convince them to recommend Sensia Arena to their customers.