Since one year, building contractor Danilith has turned to a new style of communication. A revamped corporate style, an array of print tools, advertising and radio campaigns and a brand new website were all part of the plan, and now need to be evaluated. Did the marketing analysis and communication optimisation really work? Conclusion: they definitely have.  


Performance marketing. Our favourite game to enhance the performance of a brand. We apply a 3 step plan: Plan, Produce, Perform. Step 1: we scrutinise the current situation. How does the brand score today? What do clients think of the communication? Step 2: we set out new strategic guidelines to improve communication. How do we stand out in conventional as well new media? How do we turn an event into a true experience? Step 3:  we put our ideas into practice, using offline and online tools for our call-to-action. Obviously our final goal is to generate more leads and turn them into loyal customers.


The Danilith website continues to score better and better in search engines. Why would that be?  By turning content optimisation into a daily routine. All text has been rewritten based on relevant key words and a call-to-action was added to each page, while more added value comes from an up-to-date blog. No less than 17% of visitors clicked through to the website via the blog. 


The new website went live about one year ago. By no means did that website remain static; performance marketing requires continuous input. Visitor behaviour is constantly analysed and monitored. To which results? Just an example: when we noticed the mounting interest in the brochure and show house, we grasped the opportunity to focus on both items on the homepage. This truly boosted the number of leads, which are now managed closely, making sure visitors return to the website and might eventually make that all important purchase. 

Performance marketing is a mix of analysis, remediation and creation. A winning combo!