Petroleum Federation are always looking for the highest fuel prices. They find them on the BPF website, which is also a rich source of industry information. Presenting all those figures attractively was the biggest challenge when designing the new site. More than good web design, the solution was data visualisation.

Content and data

Content and data are the fuel that fires the revamped website we designed for the Belgian Petroleum Federation. Interactive infographics and reports are generated from various sources in real time based on the visitor’s selection criteria. The website is also the industry’s main communication channel. News, publications, reports - everything is available here.


Dynamic visualisation

How do you share that data with visitors in an attractive way? For BPF we used data visualisation.
Take Belgian fuel prices. They are made up of a welter of costs, contributions, excise duties and more. To cut through the noise, we presented the maximum prices in the form of interactive diagrams. All prices are calculated daily and put together with data from the database. By hovering over the different components in the legend, visitors can also see its share in the price. But that’s just the start of it.

Animated presentations

All available data is very easy to access. If you want maximum prices, you can export them straight from the database in Excel format. You can even show a fuel price trend over a given period and compare it with other fuels. On command, the data is presented in an animated line chart. Like to know how it works? Test it out at

“Real-time data availability to visitors and interactive data visualisation make the website so much more attractive.”

Simple content management

The Belgian Petroleum Federation is in full control of website management. The accessible content management system (CMS) enables its people to keep the website up to date very easily. Publications (downloadable), news (filtered by theme), press releases, vision documents and other information - all content can be conveniently managed in the back office.

A site for a broad target group, a profession in its own right.

The Belgian Petroleum Federation represents the main petroleum companies active in the refining, distribution and storage of petroleum products in Belgium. Among the affiliated companies - and users of the website - are the main players in the oil sector and their customers.