TVH Equipment is well known beyond Belgium as a trusted rental and sales partner for construction equipment, from elevated platforms to dumper trucks. We devised a campaign with a very friendly undertone to promote its strong reputation and customer focus.

New tagline

It all started with two content workshops. Working off the output from these strategic exercises, our creative team came up with the following tagline: ‘Rent from a friend’ – or ‘Buy and learn from a friend’ depending on your preferred TVH Equipment service. Because you can buy equipment and take courses at TVH. The friendly approach to customers is typical of the company.

TVH Equipment aims to be more than simply a supplier. The folks there want to be reliable friends to their customers. Best friends forever! The friendly vibe runs through the whole company. There really is a congenial working atmosphere at TVH Equipment, because the people there see each other as friends more than colleagues.a

(Wo)man and machine in the picture

We designed a set of campaign visuals centred on people and machines to add power to the ‘Rent from a friend’ slogan. The idea is that TVH Equipment’s service and machines are of such high quality that users are immediately put at ease. Just like when you’re with friends… For logistical reasons we organised a photo shoot on the TVH Equipment site in Waregem.

Campaign visuals

F’RENT Magazine and more

After designing the rental guide based on the new ‘Rent from a friend’ pitch, we got to work on the magazine. We chose the name F’RENT. It’s how TVH Equipment shares the latest news with customers and employees. Because real friends don’t keep secrets from each other. That’s something you realise immediately when you call. Check out the jingle we recorded for the phone switchboard.

Online Marketing

Not only offline but also online we went all out to present TVH Equipment’s new brand story to customers and employees. Our online marketers bent over backwards to create powerful posts and ads which we posted on social media and through Google ads. We also ran the rule over the website. We presented our technical recommendations and content optimisation tips based on an SEO audit. Long story short: our friendly branding mission is already a success offline and online. Watch this space.