Marelec develops and manufactures high-tech systems for fisheries and food businesses. The goal is simple: optimising production processes. We created the ideal employer branding campaign to help make it easier for Marelec to find the right sort of employee.

Marelec Mix concept

Our creative team conceived the ‘Marelec Mix’ concept. The ideal Marelec candidate excels in five key domains: technology, knowhow, talent, insight and team spirit. Together they make up the Marelec Mix.

We felt it was important to present that mix not only in words, but in pictures too, which is why we arranged an in- house photoshoot with a select group of employees. We sliced up the photos of the faces, with each slice representing one of the five key domains.

Our video team then took over, creating a bitesize animation that could be personalised depending on the profile sought.

Online Marketing

Online, we rolled the new concept visual out on the social and on Google. Our content creators used it in a number of vacancy posts for Facebook and LinkedIn. In advertising those posts our aim was to reach the largest possible target audience.

We clearly could not overlook Google Ads in our marketing mix. We opted for display ads and the powerful concept visuals helped us attract a lot of interested people to the website. Our solution proved to be the ideal way to optimise the Marelec recruitment process.