Your 30th anniversary as a company is the ideal moment to thank your dealers for their trust in you and show the world that you’re still going strong. For the birthday girls and boys at Orfit Industries in Wijnegem we created an image-boosting concept that also does a great job of driving brand engagement.

Logo Orfit

A few well-chosen words

Orfit Industries is a world leader in innovative thermoplastics. That’s all we needed to say to get the message across loud and clear that the folks there have expertise in the development of medical aids built up over three decades.

A small graphical tweak was enough to create an original anniversary signature. A novel way to say ‘Happy Birthday’.

The concept celebrates the first 30 years and the many more to come.

Something tasty in the mail

You can’t have a birthday without presents. The people at Orfit expressed their gratitude to dealers for their loyalty and engagement in a thankyou email with a delicious extra: a box of chocolates from Chocolatier M in Knokke. All the dealers had to do was click through the online registration form. We created and managed the direct mail campaign, which was very well received, from start to finish.