The driving force behind Van Hool? That’s Team Van Hool: people who join forces across departments and sites, united by their passion for technology, innovation and quality. Every single one of them is proud to be part of Van Hool. We’re now spreading that message in an eye-catching employee branding campaign.

People & employer branding

Van Hool people & employer branding, leading the way. The Belgian bus builder has been at the front of the convoy for 75 years now, which customers, leads and online followers are now well aware of. Behind every bus, coach and industrial vehicle stands a dedicated team of more than 3500 colleagues. Leading the way, together with you. We advised the folks at Van Hool to build up their powerful people-driven employer brand to strengthen their strong employer reputation and drive further growth.

EVP first

Once Van Hool’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) – what makes Van Hool attractive and unique as an employer – had been defined our creative team got behind the wheel. We developed an employer branding campaign that accentuates Van Hool’s standing as one big family. Because Van Hool is driven by people. We also capitalised on the bus maker’s already high profile. We put all these key ingredients in the mixer to create a concept visual showing that it’s the people who make Van Hool. Literally!

Powerful employer branding ensures that the ideal candidate always finds your company.

Stills and moving pictures

We used the concept as a starting point for a set of visuals in which the Van Hool logo has a central place. Each time, the letter H is formed of two employees holding each side of a sign on which one of the core values is written: innovation, technology, quality... leading the way. Our video people took advantage of the photoshoot to produce a set of short videos, which will be used in website banners, social media ads and more.

Employee testimonials

Engineer, 3D designer, welder or service advisor. They all love working at Van Hool. But why is everyone so proud to be part of Van Hool? Our video team asked Jonas, Ward, Daniël and Gregory. Because jobseekers just trust current employees more. With this in mind, we produced four employee testimonials. Check them out on the website and on social media.

Rollout on the socials

Time to roll out our employer branding on social media. This allows us to reach our target audience – welders, engineers, designers – very directly and present vacancies and messages that are relevant to them. Depending on the tenet of the ad – general employer branding or specific vacancy – we send users to the relevant landing page in one click. We are also creating a targeted remarketing campaign to reach out to the people who show an interest but do not ultimately apply for a job.