If the challenge is to launch a new product on the market with a strong visual, team D’M&S is your go-to partner. Industrial lubricants producer CRC identified us as the creative partner they needed to create a concept with international stopping power.

Concept with stopping power

CRC develops chemical products for industry, including automotive, food and electronics. The new addition to its range of lubricants is a spray that has been formulated specifically for the food industry, ensuring it can be safely used around food. We conveyed this USP in a compelling concept visual: a spray can that morphs into a sliced sausage. The focus is on the product and the message is clear at first glance.

Cross-border communication

As CRC is active in various countries the choice of sausage was an important factor. It needed to be quite neutral. Non-halal pork sausages were out then. Our creative team also produced a set of ads in various languages – from copy to layout – clearly setting out the product characteristics and certifications, ensuring that CRC immediately made the right impression to the target group.