After the launch of a campaign to recruit test subjects for clinical trials, SGS was ready for the next step: remaining in the public eye and attracting as many pioneers as possible. Our video and online teams stepped up to the plate.

Campaign boost

SGS Life Sciences helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies by organising clinical studies. That means they are always looking for test subjects. After our cross-media ‘I am a pioneer’ recruitment campaign, in which we used SEA, display advertising, social media, remarketing and a host of online tools to pilot candidates to a landing page, we took the next step.

Animation goes viral

We transformed the static concept visual of the astronaut (pioneer) and his rocket (capsule) into an animation showing the rocket blasting off. Spread via YouTube advertising, the video also steered people to the landing page, enriching the test subject database for future trials. One small step for potential test subjects, one giant leap for science...

Bannering 2.0

You can’t have an online marketing campaign without banners. They are shown automatically on websites related to the content or target group of your campaign and are ideal for remarketing. For SGS we went even further, deploying programmatic bannering with a combination of html5 banners – the latest and greatest development in online marketing – and responsive banners. The moving pictures clearly grabbed more attention, resulting in a higher CTR.