Streamlining digital communication? For Televic Group we created a new corporate website with a dedicated place for every department. An intuitive CMS system, an attractive jobsite and a powerful online marketing campaign. In a word: more power!

Single group website to strengthen brand image

Televic develops, produces and implements high-tech communication solutions for trains and trams, meetings and conferences, the care sector and education. Four departments that used to have their own domain name but have now found a home on the new corporate website. That ensures that Televic Group presents itself as a single strong brand. Online too.

Roadmap from multiple to single domain

The old Drupal 8 website started to show its age, so we started by giving it a technical upgrade. But we went a step further than simply developing a new back end in Drupal 9.

  • We changed the multiple domain structure into a single domain structure in which each division is given its own section and navigation.

  • The site was completely restyled.

  • We integrated a job platform where Televic was able to tell its employer branding story and present all open vacancies.

The advantage of an intuitive CMS

One website on one domain means one CMS. We set up a clear structure within the content management system, which is fully administered by the customer. As a result, the various administrators always have a clear overview of the content in their division. The CMS is exceptionally intuitive, by the way, with frontend editing, building blocks for new pages the administrators can create themselves and the possibility of creating and managing webforms really easily.

Online marketing tools strengthen online marketing strategy

Televic is active in various countries of course, so a multi-lingual website is non-negotiable. The translation module allows administrators to export copy in bulk to their translation and localisation partner or a cheap-and-cheerful platform like DeepL or Google Translate and import the results. Integrating platforms like SuiteCRM, Mailchimp and Hubspot is also a source of major added value for Televic’s lead-generating online marketing strategy.