Stricter energy standards, complex regulations, digitization ... No wonder construction companies are stressed. Viessmann, however, sees this evolution as an opportunity. But how do you convince the construction industry with a view to more leads and higher sales?

Sensitizing go-to-market strategy

Sustainability is ingrained in Viessmanns's DNA. They know perfectly how to help construction companies create energy-efficient living environments with the right solutions. In order to make this known to the construction industry, we helped to develop an effective go-to-market strategy.

Direct mailing with immediate results

Viessmann is the partner that can alleviate all concerns for the construction industry with its sustainable energy systems. It is a strong, progressive brand that exudes confidence. Who better than Viessmann can de-stress construction companies and guide them to a carefree future? We wrapped that message in an original direct mailing with a stress meter to illustrate the stress-increasing effect of the strict energy regulations.

  • DM with clear message
  • Design in red Viessmann corporate identity
  • Sent to construction companies
  • Goal: raise awareness and generate appointments

The direct mailing must provide valuable leads

Close follow-up strengthens the response

The direct mailing was not only sent out in a print version. We also made an e-mailing. Making an appointment (in exchange for a nice gift) remained the most important call to action. We also used a call center to increase the response to both mailings. Anything to generate even more valuable leads for Viessmann salespeople!