Our mission should we wish to accept: developing an intuitive web app giving customers quick access to exclusive offers during fairs and virtual VIP shopping days. With a high-performance back office that makes it easy for employees to manage the range and track orders. Our web app division Webcomm took up the gauntlet.

The challenge

Conway is a specialist in the supply of on-the-go food and non-food for filling stations, supermarkets, grocery stores, amusement parks and more. The folks there want to be ‘the most convenient partner’ for customers across the whole of Europe based on efficient and reliable logistics solutions and a comprehensive product range. Conway was looking for a custom-made app to present the vast range to customers in a convenient way and facilitate the ordering process, while also providing employees with support in managing products and processing orders. Mobile first, because the app had to be intuitive and work perfectly on tablets, smartphones and desktops running on Apple, Android and Windows. Check!

Everything begins with data

In the preparatory phase we analysed the data from the customer’s ERP and formed it into a workable data model. An important technical step in the building of a high-performance app that lots of users can access at the same time. Conclusion: because of the many configuration options the app threatened to take up too much RAM, which would seriously downgrade the user experience. With that in mind, in close consultation with the client we decided to develop not one but two apps: a management platform for Conway employees and an ordering platform for end customers. That means end customers only download the data they need.

Intuitive ordering platform

After identifying the technology and developing the data model we started on the development of the ordering platform. The challenge was ensuring customers could easily find their way through the extensive range of Conway products. A must in a B2B context. We visualised the most important product categories in a map view: The Most Convenient City. Customers use the map to navigate their way through the many offers and brands.
We opted for a sales-driven approach for the development. All roads lead to... the shopping basket! We make it as easy as possible for users to find and order products. On the one hand, by means of an Experience Layer, which visualises the main categories, and, on the other, by building the app in such a way that customers can quickly navigate between the various levels.

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.NET Blazor technology

The success of the app depends on the technology. After a thorough analysis we opted for the dependable and lightning-fast Blazor (WebAssembly) Framework, powered by Microsoft. The app is installed on the user’s device, which ensures short loading times and a brilliant user experience. Ideal when shopping! Plus .NET Blazor is a cross-platform and cross-device technology: one app works well and looks great on smartphones, tablets and desktops running on iOS or Android. The result is an efficient upgrade pathway and maximum reach. Only working with HTML, CSS and C# means there are no limitations in terms of design. Our usability experts were given complete creative freedom to make the Conway products easy to find in a convenient layout.