Following a recent general employer branding campaign (see Update 59 or our website), Clarebout is now focusing on talented youngsters. A programme for young potentials has been developed, along with a fun campaign to turn youngsters onto a career at Clarebout.

The challenge

Recruitment continues to be the biggest challenge for employers. That also goes for Clarebout, one of Belgium’s biggest frozen potato product producers. The family business is an international enterprise that exports to more than 120 countries. Clarebout is seeking ambitious young people to take the next leap forward. Including recent graduates, looking for a traineeship tailored to their interests and qualifications.

Young employer branding

In line with the general employer branding campaign ‘Do you have the right potattitude?’ previously developed by our creatives, we produced a campaign to turn young potentials on to a traineeship at the Potattitude Academy. Young people were invited to ‘crown’ their studies by applying for one of the five programmes. At the end of the programme they could call themselves a master of fritology!

Online and offline promo

We created two versions of a new visual to promote the Potattitude Academy: a boy and a girl with a fries crown on their head. We added a new landing page to the existing job website, with full details of the traineeship and a webform young people could fill out to sign up to the programme of their choosing. We also used the concept in offline promotional materials, including banners to raise Clarebout’s visibility at job fairs. Just our way of chipping in to put Clarebout in the spotlight.