Sport brings people together. It’s emotion. Passion. The thrill of the crowd. People have a huge appetite for sport. As do the media. That creates opportunities for companies to raise their profile. A sprinkling of sports dust helps power up you brand and strengthen ties with your employees, partners and customers. Let’s go!

Brand awareness and fans

Sports marketing is a broad term. Generally it covers the following marketing activities:

  • Promoting sports teams and events.
  • Using teams, events or individual athletes as brand ambassadors to market products and services.
  • Promoting participation in a specific sport.


Improving awareness and winning people over to your brand.

Our sports marketing is mainly focused on improving brand awareness, strengthening your brand image and creating new fans for your brand. Our goal is to find the right sport for your brand and make it a champion.

So what’s the plan?

You cannot just pick any sport for a brand. It has to be a good fit. It needs to generate buy-in. The team or player needs to be made of the same DNA as your brand. That’s why we always start with a marketing and sponsor plan to identify your audience and your ambitions, and strong candidates in the sporting world. Only then do we develop the specific detailed go-to-market strategy for you.

The ROI? The measure of success

The advantage of sports marketing is that you can accurately measure your return on investment.

  • Sporting topics are among the most popular accounts on social media. A simple scan tells you how often your brand is shared, organically and spontaneously.
  •  With the right tracking tools you can create fast, clear and measurable responses among followers on social media, through remarketing...


Sporting events strengthen team spirit

For us, sports marketing is much more than branding. We use sports and our contacts in the sporting world to organise live events too.

A sport-themed teambuilding event for your employees. A corporate event to give your customers a front-row experience at a big match.

Our event teams are dedicated to boosting your employer branding or customer loyalty.

Selected cases

Sports marketing has no secrets for us. We’ve harnessed the popularity of sport to improve the performance of brands for more than 35 years. Across the board. Draw inspiration from some of our successful cases.


We highlighted BEKO’s sponsorship of Barcelona of Lionel Messi on the shop floor with some classy moves of our own.


A cycling sponsorship was the ideal way to take awareness of the brand up a couple of gears.

Zoute Grand Prix

We’ve helped drive the success of the Zoute Grand Prix in the cream of the international press for more than 10 years.


We embraced cyclocross with relish to show the Pauwels brand at the top of its game. Thanks to Wout van Aert and a selection of video promos.


Nokere Koerse? We (and Danilith) love how this Flemish cycling classic always manages to grab everyone’s attention every year.  

Like to get started on sports marketing?

Interested to hear how sport can bolster your brand? Contact Pieter, our expert for live communication and sports marketing.

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