People are increasingly finding their way to online stores.

There are fewer and fewer reasons not to purchase products and services online. Like to ride the e-commerce wave and boost your digital business?

We’ll help you do just that.

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E-commerce integrated in your digital communication strategy

E-commerce is particularly attractive to those selling products and services through traditional sales channels. That much has become clear. When you integrate this into your digital strategy and develop it with the right techniques and technologies you open the door to higher sales. As long as you don’t skimp on clear, creative communication that is. 

You have to give people a compelling reason to visit your online store.

We build your online store from the ground up

Not sure where to start? No worries! We build your online store from the ground up to suit your particular business. Our e-commerce experts start by listening to your wishes in an intake interview. That gives us insight into what you want (to sell) and what you expect to achieve. We then assess the digital framework you work within and examine the best way to integrate your e-business into that framework. Only then do we get on with design and development. And we always work closely with you on that. Because it’s your business and the customer...

The customer is the boss... in your online store too!

That’s right. Just like brick-and-motor stores, online stores revolve around customers. That’s why we do everything we can to give your visitors a pleasant shopping experience. Whether it’s finding, viewing or ordering products, we ensure a smooth user flow and a UX design that leads visitors all the way to the checkout.



Integration with external systems boosts your sales

Attractive design and user-friendly navigation are not enough on their own to turn your online store into a raging success. Linking your e-commerce with external systems helps you streamline your activities to an even greater degree. Your ERP and invoicing system, say, or a secure payment module like Mollie. We also examine which Product Information Management system (PIM) best meets your needs – including efficient stock management – and which logistics services you should be offering – and how. By Sendcloud, for instance.

Last but not least, we assess which channels you should use to promote your online shop. E-mail marketing tools like Mailchimp, Mautic and Hubspot or social media integration for social shopping? There are plenty of options!

Social shopping?

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Selling products directly through social media without diverting visitors from your online store is booming business. Social commerce is growing fast. Linking your online store to your Facebook page or Instagram profile can be highly lucrative.

If you’re new to the game, check out Facebook Marketplace (formerly Etsy and eBay). And Google can also drive your e-commerce business with Google shopping ads. Need advice about getting started with social shopping? Follow us!

How do you drive up your turnover?

The real work only begins once you’ve opened your online store. Let the selling begin! We have just one piece of advice to help you get a handle on your e-commerce performance: count and measure. It’s what we do too. We monitor your online store with reporting tools like Google Analytics and create targeted dashboards. Based on the data, we determine whether further optimisation is needed or we need to adjust your online marketing or social media advertising. Video or influencer marketing might just strengthen your e-commerce performance. Let’s power up your sales!

Boost your digital communication

We develop the digital tools that boost your online presentations, reach your target groups and achieve your goals. A new website, online application or even a loyalty platform. Like to know the best mix for you?

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