We recently refreshed the house style and built an all-new website for Continental Sweets. The soft rebranding allows the manufacturer, distributor and field sales partner of the best sweets brands in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to raise its profile across all three markets. This is how we cooked it up.

New visual identity

The name change from Continental Sweets Belgium to Continental Sweets Benelux was the ideal time to update the house style. More a tweak than a break with the past, continuity and recognition were the watchwords. Our designers gave the logo a contemporary makeover and added the new tagline ‘Creating moments of pleasure’.

A selection of tools

They also accentuated the colours, added a few dynamic graphical elements and applied new rules, which we presented in a brand guide, for business cards, letterhead and a few other tools.

New website

The new website tells you everything you need to know about Continental Sweets Benelux new style. It is now much more dynamic and much more intuitive. Easier on the eye. Based on their wireframe, our developers built an easy to navigate structure, adding a deliciously refreshing touch to the web design in line with the house style. We also worked with the client to ensure the copy was easy to digest, with plenty of short paragraphs. Special attention was given to the FAQ and the contact form. Additional selection options ensure that forms are directed to the right contact person much more quickly.

Like to get a taste? Check out www.continentalsweets.com