How do you turn your website into a powerful leads generator? For Polysun we combined transparent UX design with compelling content, clear calls to action and a bunch of practical tools, including a dealer locator and a selection assistant. We also created a separate platform for sunshade system dealers, as well as boosting partner engagement. We made sure Polysun sparkled!

Total makeover

Polysun manufactures sunshades that integrates between double glazing, a practical and hygienic way to regulate light, heat and privacy in a room. To persuade more leads of the benefits and drive up traffic to points of sale we gave the website a thorough revamp.

After an introductory workshop in which we gauged customer wishes, we got to work on the wireframe.
That allowed us to bring the various functions – some new, some familiar – out of the shade. Once the wireframe was on point, our developers and designers took over.

They joined forces to create a digital environment focused on maximizing the user experience (UX).

UX design, compelling content

So why is UX design so important for a website? That’s easy: a clear, well- designed structure ensures visitors can find their way around your site faster. They quickly find the appropriate content, which ups the likelihood of conversion. That’s why we revamped not just the structure but all the content too. And that’s not all: we added various tools to bump up the user experience to the next level.

We took care of the entire creative process for the website: workshop, wireframing, UX design, development, copywriting and contentfill.

Tools drive conversion

As well as a new structure and a content refresh, we also deployed the requisite calls to action to ensure that leads were able to convert their interest into a contact or appointment. We gave lead generation a helping hand with a selection of clever tools.

Looking for a sunshade inside glass? The dealer locator on the website helps you find a Polysun dealer in seconds. Very convenient, but it’s not the only tool we’ve incorporated into the new website to increase the likelihood of conversion.

The selection assistant can also help you identify what type of sunshade fits your needs best from the wide selection, based on your answers to a few questions.

Business target groups such as architects and project developers will also appreciate the calculators, which we added to the FAQ list. This helps them quickly calculate the correct glass weight or cord length for their sunshade system.

Digital partner platform

Polysun partners are given extra attention on the new website. They have a page of their own (with contact form) on the public part of the website, where they can present themselves and their products and services, and invite visitors to schedule an appointment. That extranet – the Partner Point – is also home to a document repository, a download centre and other blog posts and news articles. We keep them up to speed on new platform content when it comes online through e-notifications.

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