Want the world to know about who you are and what you do? Generate heavyweight leads to drive your business on? We did that with a smile for Trotec, leveraging the power of a select number of head-turning visuals in an online marketing campaign.

Happy visuals

Trotec processes by-products from the food and retail industries into high-quality feed ingredients. We created three visuals to raise awareness among producers of bread, biscuits, crisps, sweets, cereals and other food products and retailers of the fact that Trotec is ready to take their surplus food, saving it from going to waste.

Backing up Trotec’s positive message, the smileys are expected to attract the attention of potential new customers.

Concept visual

At the other end of the chain, we also created a separate visual to persuade animal feed producers of the added sustainability value of Trotec products. Because Trotec supplies a recycled basic ingredient from by-products that helps reduce producers’ ecological footprint and is available all year round.

The main visual makes that very clear.

The concept visuals grabbed people’s attention on social media and got them flocking to the website.

Making a splash online

Our online marketers used the concept visuals in a digital campaign to promote Trotec in the food and feed industries. We put the visuals to work in SEA and display advertising in Google and LinkedIn posts targeting five specific markets: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, northern Italy and northern Spain. That drove up traffic to the website and with it the likelihood of lead generation and conversion.

Interactive presentation

And as we’ve mentioned lead generation. We iced the cake by giving Trotec’s corporate presentation a thorough makeover. We transformed it into a dynamic sales tool in the refreshed house style and added a few handy features. That ensures that the sales people can whizz through the interactive PDF, run videos and steer the discussion in the right direction without having to worry about the tech. What’s not to like?