Cordeel Group NV has been playing in the champions league for years. The Belgian construction company is "the fastest builder of Europe". And it’s now looking for new recruits to drive further growth. We helped "the company with the happiest employees" add to their ranks with an original employer branding campaign.

Builders through and through

Every builder is familiar with the Cordeel Group logo, with its distinctive red (or white) C. That made it perfectly suited to the employer branding campaign. The aim was to present the successful family business to prospective employees, tomorrow’s passionate "building champions".

Campaign with a capital C

We used the capital C in the logo in a set of campaign visuals to emphasize the watchwords "Champions" and "Colleagues" in a call to action to potential new team members. "Become a champion with a capital C" was the clear message.

To give the campaign a human face, we depict a man and a woman in a Cordeel-branded helmet leaning against the logo. Because all-comers are welcome.

Block-busting video

We also created a video with 3D animation based on the same concept. In the video, our two "campaign champions" slide three blocks apart to make the Cordeel "C" logo. You can watch it here and check out the making-of below.

How we did it …

We relied on all our digital knowhow (and a green screen) for the photo and video shoot. Take a look behind the scenes.

Cordeel makes a splash on social media

The 3D video is ideal for social media and the website. We also use the visuals for Google advertising and in a campaign on the job-listings website Indeed. The goal is to attract as many interesting profiles as possible.

The employer branding campaign is also being rolled out in other media. We have already created eye-catching banners with QR code to generate extra traffic to the website. And there's more to come.