If you’re sometimes gripped by stress, MetaRelax will help you. We developed a new targeted B2C campaign to highlight the dietary supplement of producer Metagenics. A cross-media campaign, of course.

Targeted campaign

In its communication MetaRelax targets active adults. In the campaign we tell the story of a woman aged around 40. She stands in front of a target, just like a circus knife-thrower would use, but she looks very relaxed. Suddenly a knife hurtles past her head.

The word ‘tension’ appears where the blade sticks into the target. The woman does not move a muscle. She’s still totally relaxed. A second knife follows, this time with the word ‘pressure’. Then a third, with the word ‘nerves’.

But she is unconcerned by these knifes - which symbolise the stress we experience on a daily basis at work, at home and on our commute. Literally and figuratively. The woman remains calm personified.

TV commercial produced inhouse

For maximum campaign impact, we selected media with a wide reach that nevertheless allow a very specific approach to the target groups. First and foremost, TV. We produced a 20-second commercial for broadcast at the required frequency during the right shows on the right commercial stations (VTM, Q2, Vitaya and RTL). We assumed all production responsibilities.

From storyboarding in the two versions (French and Dutch) to casting. From shooting at our own green screen studio to post production (with 3D animation). From voiceovers to media planning. Basically, we took care of everything. No stress.