Construction group Etex has been laying down strong foundations. It rebuilt its brand structure and launched the second phase of an in-house United to Inspire our World campaign to motivate, inspire and connect employees across the globe. We helped make a success of it with a live-streamed hybrid event and accompanying visual communication.

A full hybrid event service

The choice of a hybrid event was mainly a practical one, given the challenge facing an international group in bringing its people together (not least during a pandemic). In-person was a nonstarter, so Etex opted for a digital event: a mix of live streaming from our (Etex-branded) green screen studio, pre-recorded videos and live chats with employees across Europe. We helped with the script and the presentations, and ensured the tech was on point. We used a three camera setup to give the webcast a dynamic look.

Concept centre stage

The main focus of the event was inspiring Etex people (and customers) by showcasing standout projects from around the world. Our main visual was an ‘inspired by Etex’ map in the group’s house style. It was used as a leitmotif in the video (see below) and formed an anchor point at the event, as well as featuring on the communication tools.

Video encapsulates the campaign

But that’s not all. By way of introduction, and to turn people on to the United to Inspire campaign, our video team produced an animation recapping the first phase and the rollout in four countries. Enjoy

The live studio event was streamed to more than 300 employees worldwide. Talk about successful!