Lutti is one of Belgium’s best-selling, but nowhere near best-known, candy brands. Until now! We raised Lutti’s profile with an eye-catching cross-media campaign.

Awareness campaign with added flavor

Our creative team came up with the tagline “Life is Luttiful”. Because, let's face it, life with candy is so much sweeter. And Lutti will be in your head all day thanks to the catchy sound logo.

We backed the tagline with a concept visual: “Which little Lutti monster is inside you?” Because we all know it's not us but that little candy monster inside that makes us reach for sweets. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves 😉



New sound logo for Lutti



As a finishing touch to the branding campaign, we also created a catchy Lutti sound logo. A happy tune that makes you smile. And we guarantee, you won't be able to get it out of your head!


Roll-out on 3 media

You can catch the little monsters having fun on TV this spring and autumn. They’ll also make a weekly appearance on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook throughout the year. The posts are in perfect tune with the playful character of the campaign, and often tie in with current events.



POS & gift for the supermarkets


As well as making a big roar on TV and online, Lutti candy needs to jump out at shoppers as they tour the aisles. We’ve created an array of colorful promotional materials to do the job, including large displays and wobblers. Ensuring Lutti catches the eye on shelves.

Supermarkets were treated to a box containing a sample pack alongside information and all the sales tools. Sweet!

One thing’s for sure, this year we have a Luttiful life in store!