Recycling metals from medicines? That’s not a problem for Indaver. We got that message across loud and clear in a lead generation campaign built to convince the pharmaceuticals industry to partner with the waste management company. 

New process launch

Waste management company Indaver is known far beyond Belgium’s borders for its industrial and domestic waste management and processing solutions. The folks there have designed a unique process to recover valuable metals from medicines. These include palladium, rhodium, platinum and ruthenium. The technology is particularly interesting for the pharmaceuticals industry, as they don’t need to extract as many of these (expensive) substances out the ground – and by recycling their products they make a big contribution to a sustainable circular economy. 

Reassuring communication 

We designed a campaign with a positive message to explain the process to pharmaceuticals companies and so generate leads. Indaver improves their environmental impact credentials by recovering metals from medicines for recycling. Indaver solves that problem. The visual of a person sitting, clearly at a loss, on the blocks of the four metals in question was the perfect way to go. The figure is made up of a whole bunch of different pills, tablets and capsules. 
The slogan helps reassure producers that a solution is at hand: recovering metals from their medicines for recycling is well within reach. 

Website with video

We used the visual in a specially developed website dedicated to the campaign. That laser focus allows us to concentrate on promoting the advantages of the technology and activating the target groups. We do that with clear content, including an explanimation, and clarion calls to action to order an information pack or schedule a meeting. Our digital marketers have now also set up a conversion-focused campaign with Facebook and LinkedIn ads to drive up website traffic and generate leads.  

We’ll continue to enhance the website over the coming months with new content, including testimonials from Indaver customers. 

Watch this space.