ScioTeq develops high-tech displays for the military and aviation industry worldwide. We developed and rolled out a campaign with a global scope to promote the international visibility of the brand and raise awareness of the recent name change.

The challenge:
better name familiarity,
more leads around the world

ScioTeq has been in business for more than 35 years. As Esterline Advanced Displays it used to be part of Barco. ScioTeq was looking for ways to promote its new name and generate more valuable leads around the world. Challenge accepted!

Brand clarity in
six images

We created a set of six concept visuals, one for each of the markets on which ScioTeq is active. We used them to set up an eye-catching campaign highlighting the reliability of the displays. Beautifully edited together (if we do say so ourselves), the videos make it clear at a glance that pilots, air traffic controllers, captains and tank drivers retain a clarity of vision even in the most critical situations. Thanks to ScioTeq. The video says it all...

Online marketing targets the right audiences

We set up a targeted online marketing plan in consultation with ScioTeq’s international sales and marketing team to roll out the campaign to the target groups. Search engine advertising (SEA), content creation, display advertising and LinkedIn ads are the main drivers of improved global brand awareness, higher website traffic and the promotion of ScioTeq as the go-to in Advanced Visualisation Solutions.

We strengthen ScioTeq’s international reputation as a reliable partner for its specific target audience with a visually striking (online) campaign.