Packaging specialist Pattyn’s new product line has shaken up the market. The innovation called for a strategic market approach rather than regular production communication.

Market breakthrough

For the past two decades, food packaging for transport has been dominated by two different systems marketed by different companies. Pattyn’s made-to-measure system was characterised by the low cost of use. The competition marketed a pre- made bag system, which was flexible but more expensive to use.

A clever innovation means that Pattyn can now offer both systems. It’s a real breakthrough on the packaging market.


Strategic positioning

For D’M&S it was important enough to propose a new market approach. A strategic approach that Pattyn appreciated.

Rather than a regular product supplier like so many others, Pattyn is positioned as a provider of complete solutions that meet all the packaging needs of food producers.


From concept to rollout

Our creatives worked hard on a concept visual to drive the new positioning on the market. The aim was to combine the concepts of ‘packaging’ and ‘made-to-measure’ at a glance. ‘Tailor-made’ was the central idea. With the concept sorted, we moved on to the rollout: our photographer shot the visual, our designers added the extras.

Offline and online rollout

The key message of the corporate brochure was also that Pattyn is a provider of complete solutions. We gave the new market approach credible form with lots of photos, icons and infographics, stylish quotes and modern typography.

The partnership between Pattyn and D’M&S can now build on a strong brand. Plans are already in place to reflect the new positioning in content marketing and online marketing.

The Summer of 52

Pattyn had even more reason to celebrate. The all-new main office opened in Bruges two years ago. CEO Paul Pattyn retired at the same time, handing over the reins to his daughter and son. Our event team organised a spectacular Summer of 52 party to ensure this momentous occasion was appropriately celebrated.

Way back when

The event transported 300 employees and 100 international customers back in time. To the summer of 1952, when grandfather Jean Pattyn founded the company. The story of the indefatigable trailblazer was screened at Cinema Pattyn. The palm trees and music from Crazy Sir-G and cover band Green Onions created just the right atmosphere. The catering, cocktails and mocktails certainly played their part too, of course.

Celebrating the future

Celebrating important milestones in the history of a company is not only about looking back. It is also a good way of rousing enthusiasm for the future. Employees and customers were certainly in the mood. As were the third generation of the Pattyn family, Stan and Lynn. They have ambitious growth plans for the Bruges packaging specialist.