Trotec turns food by-products of vegetable origin into high-quality feed ingredients. That helps cut food waste and strengthen the circular economy. We created a sales-boosting promotional campaign to drive sales on the French cattle feed market.

Higher profile, more leads

Belgian’s industrial food companies and cattle feed manufacturers know all about Trotec’s circular technology. But Trotec is also active in France. We created a compelling lead generation campaign to raise its profile there and drive sales of TrotecQ100, its sustainable basic ingredient for animal feed.

Strong visual relays message

The campaign is built around the concept visual, which shows how former foodstuffs funnelled into the top of a silo emerge at the bottom as cattle feed. It highlights Trotec’s circular approach and sustainable added value at a glance.

The visual was used as an attention-grabber on the direct mail that we sent to French cattle feed manufacturers in which we set out the innovative production process in detail and invited the recipients to visit the website and schedule a meeting.

New website to entice visitors

Our digital designers and web developers gave the Trotec website a complete makeover: a clear structure, fresh design, dynamic features and new content in four languages. All these assets help get Trotec’s circular message across and entice visitors to take the next step and make contact. UX design meets lead generation!