How do you ensure that your target groups worldwide find it easy to access the products they need when they need them from the right supplier? For AD International Europe we developed an accessible, user-friendly online platform to strengthen connections on the international automotive aftermarket.


Digital access to a global network

ADI Europe has a unique position on the automotive aftermarket, facilitating contacts between suppliers of more than 40 spare parts manufacturers in an international network of 24 ADI partners in 48 countries. ADI and its dealers give local garages and repairers fast access to a full range of automotive spare parts.

User-friendly online platform

We overhauled the existing website to create a contemporary, user-friendly online platform with a dedicated partner and supplier area to optimise that unique connection and direct mechanics to the ADI points of sale.

UX is central

A positive user experience is the driving factor on the new online platform, which is published in 12 languages. We started by creating a logical structure, layering in a clear hands-on design. Mechanics and repairers can save time by using the convenient ADI dealer locator.

All partner and supplier contact details are easy to access too, along with the latest news about ADI Europe. A great example of how to make a wealth of information available to your network.

Integrated partner area replaces extranet

The 24 partners in the ADI network and their suppliers used to connect up through a separate extranet. Now we’ve incorporated it into the website, ADI can connect with all its target groups online. This confirms its status as the primary collaboration on the automotive aftermarket.

We offer a whole raft of functions in the partner area: a who’s who covering all ADI employees, partners and suppliers, and a segmented news and download module with a search function for articles, brochures and newsletters