Healthy cooking. A piece of cake when you have the right devices. An oven with steam function is such a must-have for those who love better cooking. In the run-up to Batibouw, we prepared a campaign for AEG Belgium that put these assistants of healthy cooking in the spotlight. Our recipe?

A pinch
of creativity

AEG, part of the Electrolux group, is one of the big names in the household appliances market. In the period around Batibouw, the place to be for builders and renovators, they wanted to further promote their range of ovens with steam function in retail and among the end consumers. Healthy eating is still hot in the kitchen and AEG wants to respond to that. We gave the planned promotional campaign just that extra pinch of creativity and covered it with a cross-media sauce. But let us first take the starter.


The interest in or knowledge of steam cooking varies from consumer to consumer. Our communication strategy therefore aims to guide the various target groups as well as possible – at the right time and with the right message. Towards AEG, their range of steam ovens and … the shop’s cash desk! Once they are in the shop, we inform and guide them further and try to convince them with attractive promotions. To that end, the retail is also actively involved in the entire steam story. That is our recipe to bring the campaign to taste. And the presentation?

A steaming image

To make the campaign stand out in every stage of the guiding process, we gave it a creative twist. For each of the four AEG ovens with steam function, we created an image that shows a hand adding steam to a dish. After all, steam is the key ingredient for those who want to raise their cooking skills to a higher level… A simple, yet striking and clear message. Together with the client, we set up the photo shoot with a food photographer and took care of the image editing and graphic stylization. Once the visuals were ready, it was time to roll out the images in different tools.


The sales team of AEG and the retail got the scoop. Through a launch brochure and a video, we informed them about the range of steam ovens and the promotional campaign. Then it was the end consumers’ turn. We developed various POS tools for in the store and got AEG top of mind through YouTube branding and advertisements in retail magazines and other publications. Special attention was paid to the online marketing strategy in which we linked advertising to a campaign website. That website was search engine optimized and was given a conversion driving structure.

Outdoor campaign

Finally, we spiced up the media plan even more with a special out of home campaign. We booked space in a network of rotating digital screens. This allowed us to tailor message and image to the time and moment of use: delicious freshly baked bread in the morning, a warm meal in the evening… We served the client to the very maximum – which ultimately was the common thread through the cross-media campaign.