Everyone gets cold sores, but no one seems to want to talk about them. We took on the taboo in a targeted influencer campaign in partnership with HRA Pharma.

Getting rid of cold sores

Pharmaceutical company HRA Pharma was looking for a new way to raise the profile of its cold sore busting Compeed Patches. The Compeed Patch is an effective way to accelerate the healing of cold sores and reduce the risk of follow-on infections. Our paths crossed in their quest for a communication partner who can think outside the box. We harnessed the expertise of InfluencerNetwork, a division of D’M&S, to allow influencers to share their authentic experiences on social media. A first for HRA Pharma.

Credible and authentic

We got together with the client to select 20 or so micro-influencers in Flanders and Wallonia who either suffer from cold sores or are active beauty and face care posters on Instagram. The assignment: creating credible and authentic content.

The influencers got to work on Instagram, with posts and stories explaining how Compeed Patches work, how convenient they are and how effective they are. Openhearted, honest and genuine. As well as the selection duties, we also took responsibility for contracts, briefings and follow-up.

Worthy channel

HRA Pharma was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the content produced by the influencers and the flood of positive responses. This shows that influencer marketing has matured into a fully fledged marketing tool. You can achieve great results with a targeted approach when you know what you’re doing.
We know that, and now our clients know that too.