With the energy crisis in full swing we launched a new website for Brafco, the Belgian federation of fuel traders. We created an inviting, easy to administer digital platform with tailored content for every visitor, be they businesses or consumers.

Drupal 9 website and new content

Since 1946 Brafco protects the interests of businesses involved in the trade and distribution of fuels, lubricants and related products.

The federation represents more than 90 per cent of the Belgian market, making it the most representative trade association of independent operators in the industry.

Based on Brafco’s desire to raise its profile, we started by upgrading the Drupal 7 website to Drupal 9. We ensured the migration went smoothly and provided future-proof content and a contemporary look and feel. Visitors can now find all the information they need on fuels in one place.

That includes existing members, future members, journalists and anyone else who’s interested. The attractive UX/Ui design and clear navigation ensure you always quickly find what you’re looking for.

Convenient features

We integrated a number of convenient features to make the content even more accessible. You can easily search for the official maximum prices of each fuel, examine the trends and check the daily, monthly and annual maximum prices going back to 2000.

Need a seller or a service station in Belgium?

The dealer locator serves them up in a flash. Just enter a location and go. Like to keep an eye on the energy market? Brafco provides everything you need in its news section, which also features a filter function to quickly find relevant articles and posts. Members have access to a great deal of exclusive content. So be sure to log in. Or become a member.

The document centre also has a filter function and the benefits of being a member are highlighted. Non-members are encouraged to sign up to download documents.


The platform also has its own press room, where journalists can access recent Brafco articles. Here too, there’s a filter function to save time.

Piqued your interest?

Be sure to check it out as inspiration for the digital transformation of your platform