Good content marketing is all about taking your target audience by the hand and leading it through each stage of the customer journey. We gave Gerlinéa’s brand consideration a boost with a healthy sprinkling of feelgood content

Focus on content

Based on a strategic analysis we opted for a targeted marketing mix with a focus on content marketing. Over the ‘always on’ layer – Gerlinéa is present throughout the year at various touchpoints, including supermarkets and social media – we focused on specific ‘hero moments’. We used targeted content on certain topics, such as meal replacements and the importance of a healthy late afternoon bite, to guide people who already knew Gerlinéa to the next stage of the customer journey: brand consideration.

By focusing on content we were able to convince the target group of the added value of Gerlinéa products, bearing out their choice.

From awareness to consideration

Most of us have heard of Gerlinéa. The brand is the Benelux market leader in meal replacements and balanced snacks. But we all know that high brand awareness – the first step in the customer journey – does not automatically lead to high conversion. Just because your target audience is aware of you does not mean they will also buy something from you. Time to boost brand consideration!

The right content shared in the right media at the right time.

It is all in the mix

So how did we get Gerlinéa’s message across to the target audience? We selected a mix of channels to maximise the impact. Our creators took care of the content.
We made a string of short- and long-form videos for posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and use in online bannering. All targeted to the specific audience, based on the sociodemographic data of the Gerlinéa personas. Influencers gave the campaign an extra boost among their constituency. We also shared valuable content in blogs, search engine advertising and native advertising.