Every new medicine is preceded by an extensive trial, which is not possible without healthy volunteers, or pioneers as SGS CPU calls them. How do you lower the threshold for participation? By providing clear information and setting out the social impact. Which is why we launched a completely new website with a recognisable look for SGS CPU.

New campaign

SGS CPU runs trials of potential new medicines at its new state-of-the-art study centre in Edegem (Antwerp). Its clients are pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. But how do you attract the right participants – pioneers who are ready to take part in trials of the medicines of tomorrow? We set up a brand-new campaign to highlight the fact that a pioneer has the back of every patient who is in need of an as-yet unlicenced medicine. Because without healthy volunteers there can be no new medicines.

New visuals & video

The photos for ‘Behind every medicine is a pioneer’ campaign were shot at our studio. We also made a short video with each model for use in various communication tools. The principle was always the same: the pioneer proudly holds a photo of a patient whose future they have likely made a lot more rosy by taking part in a drug trial.

New website

SGS CPU capitalised on the launch of the new campaign to raise its profile and improve its online presence by upgrading its website at ikbenpionier.be. We gave the site a contemporary look and feel and optimised the user experience. Design, structure, content… The whole website was given a makeover to ensure that potential pioneers were easily able to find the reliable information they needed to persuade them to apply to take part in a drug trial. The SGS CPU website is now tailored to attracting, informing and converting leads.

But that’s not all…

Our video team created a 'behind the scenes' video from existing footage for integration into the website. In it, the folks at SGS CPU explain how you can become a pioneer and what the different steps in the drug trials are. It’s a good way for interested individuals to get up to speed fast.

The new campaign visuals and inspiring message will give the visibility of SGS CPU a significant boost in various channels: from ads in print to the diverse social campaign. Watch this space. Who knows, maybe you are the next pioneer?