Looking for the right coolant for your engine? The new online product finder from Arteco Coolants makes it very easy for businesses in the automotive industry around the globe. We created a dedicated website, which we seamlessly linked to the existing corporate website.

New product finder

We revamped the Arteco Coolants website a few years ago. But most recently we incorporated a new functionality: a product finder. We developed a separate website for this, with an identical look and feel to the existing website.
Why? Anyone searching for a product at www.arteco-coolants.com can do so in the familiar Arteco Coolants digital environment. Crystal clear. 

Accelerated searches with filters 

We created a number of practical filters to make it even easier to find the coolant you need. You can run a general search by segment or brand or a targeted search by technology or application. Regardless of which route you choose, the results are always instantaneous. You can then examine and compare your options in detail. Finding the right coolant has never been so easy. Which is exactly how we planned it. 

Universal tool for an international audience

Arteco is active in major markets like China, Japan and India, as well as Belgium, so the product finder had to be easily accessible for automotive businesses worldwide. The practical structure, numerous filters and the option of contacting a local sales manager at any time ensure the universal character of the tool. Mission accomplished!