Etex cladding brand Cedral is launching a new colour range. Back to first principles before hitting the market. Because, clearly, well-informed, enthusiastic salespeople are better salespeople. With that in mind, we gave them all the tools they will need to present the new palette to their dealer network.

Kicking off in-house and internationally

The new Cedral sidings collections are available in eight European countries: Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland. That means a whole host of salespeople have to be brought up to speed and enthused – in their own language – preferably at the same time.

Ambassador training

The Cedral team got the ball rolling with a virtual kick-off training to get the right message over to the Cedral ambassadors. A few weeks later it was the turn of the local Cedral reps to be introduced to the new colour range. Any questions were fed back to the Cedral team so they could be answered during a Q&A session.

Sales activation email

But what was the best way to notify everyone of what was expected of them? Email, of course. Our strategists designed an email flow to keep the sales people in various countries in the loop throughout the kick-off process. Our copywriters composed a clutch of compelling emails, from save-the-dates and teasers to official invitations.

Our strategists designed an email flow to keep the sales people in various countries in the loop.

Launch videos

The Cedral ambassadors were sent an informative animation subtitled in their language to ensure the local sales meetings went smoothly. Cedral uses the video to set out the new colour study, explain the reasons for the change and present the new Cedral cladding palette for the first time.

Fun fact: The video was shot at the client in Kapelle-op-den-Bos.

Sample display for the meetings

Last but not least, we wanted to add colour to the in-house meetings and make them more interactive. That’s why our creatives designed a life-size sample display to present the spectrum of colours. The break was an opportunity for the attendees to show their own colours. All of them had received a Cedral toolbox with branded painter’s smock, brushes, canvasses and paint pots in the new palette. The idea was clear: Express yourself... in colour. We were responsible for producing and sending all the tools.